Welcome to my first edition of The New Super Mario Bros. Cheats, Hints and News Blog. Today we will show you how to unlock World 4. First, go to the World 2-Castle with a Mini Mushroom. If you are not Mini Mario, then past the BIG spiked ball there are 2 ? Blocks. The first one contains a coin, and the other one contains a mini mushroom. Get the mushroom, then slide through the small gap. On the stairs, there are too more gaps. The lower one lets you duck for cover from the spiked ball, and the other one features a star coin. Once you see an orange ? Switch, stomp it to reveal the boss door. As mini Mario, ground pound the Mummy Pokey 3 times (Or alternatively, bring a Mini mushroom as a secondary item and jump on the Mummy Pokey two times, then activate the mini mushroom.) and he will release a key. Grab it and when you get to the area with Bowser Jr. and Peach, you will go into the small gap and turn around the sign at it will say W4. Have fun in the jungle! --I found something over here! Oh good grief! Who ate my pie? 16:24, February 4, 2010 (UTC)