Toad Houses are bonus places found on world maps. Toadsworth runs these places. You can play mini-games here, and win items. To unlock them, you must collect Star Coins. There are three different types of Toad Houses: Red ones, upon entered, Toadsworth will make a roulette Block appear and it will shift between a Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Mini Mushroom and Blue Koopa Shell. Green ones will have 6 ? Blocks. When you hit them, a card will come out. There are 4 different types of cards: 1-Up Mushroom card, when you get this you will win a 1-Up Mushroom. 1-Up Mushroom 3x card, when you get this you will get 3 times the 1-Ups for that card. The 2x card, which doubles all 1-Up Mushrooms you already have, and the Bowser Card, which will stop the Mini-Game. Yellow and red spotted ones will have a giant ? Block from Super Mario Bros. 3. When hit, you will get a Mega Mushroom, which will override any backup item you already have.


  • If you finish a level when the last two digits on the timer are the same, for example, 11, 244 or 55, the song when you finish a level in Super Mario Bros. will play and you will get a bonus Toad House at the start of the map.