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  • Attention! I need help. If you see "Pirahna Plant" anywhere, please correct it to "Piranha Plant". Thank you.
  • OK everyone, if you want to talk about old Mario Games, (Nintendo Entertainment System-Nintendo Gamecube) then follow this link.
  • We have a new administrator, Staffan15.
  • We now have a policy. It's right here.
  • Possibly coming soon: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wiki and Super Mario Bros. X Wiki.
  • Congratulations! New Super Mario Bros Wiki:Project Lonely has been completed! Make sure that if you see the Lonely template, put a link to that page on another article! Great work! So nice!
  • There's a new project on this wiki! It's Project Lonely! Please click it and see how you can help.
  • Please remember, most pictures are credit of and Thank you.
  • Note: ANY bots found editing this wiki WILL be blocked infinity, administrators are NOT excluded. This also includes bots found chatting on the shout box.
  • Please note that I will refer to the character Mario, however you can still do the exact same things with Luigi.