Super Mario

Mario is a plumber and the main prontagonist in the game and whole series. He rescues Princess Peach each time she is kiddnaped by Bowser. You are able to play as him in all the levels. (along with Luigi)

Mario's Power FormsEdit


This is how you start out in the game. Taking a hit from any enemy will cause you to lose a life.

Super MarioEdit

Grabbing a Super Mushroom allows you to grow bigger. This will let you take an extra hit from an enemy, and you can also break blocks.

Fire MarioEdit


Fire Mario

If you get a Fire Flower you can transform into Fire Mario. You can throw fireballs at enemies, and destroy most of them. You can take 2 extra hits from an enemy. This power-up helps in boss battles.

Shell MarioEdit

If you find a Blue Koopa Shell you are able to transform into Shell Mario. You can Shell Dash to break bricks from the side and take out any enemies along the way. You can also hide in your shell and enemies can't attack you. However, if you hide in your shell during a Boss level, if the boss touches you you will get knocked out but still have it.

Mini MarioEdit

Probably the most dangerous power-up in the game, getting a Mini Mushroom lets you turn into Mini Mario. However, taking a hit from an enemy causes you to lose a life. But, there are some advantages. You are able to bounce on enemies, and you can fit into tiny passages and access tiny pipes only available to Mini Mario.

Mega MarioEdit


Mega Mario

If you can get a Mega Mushroom, you will grow to ginormous size and you can smash through enemies, blocks, and even Bullet Bill Cannons. However, touching a Tower/Castle hazard (e.g. Spiked column, closing wall) will cause you to shrink to normal size. You will always return to Super Mario, even if you had a Fire Flower or Blue Koopa Shell before. However, if the area Mario is in is too short when he gains this, he will shrink back to Super Mario (Or Fire Mario or Shell Mario) and the Mega Mushroom goes back into your pocket.


  • When you finish a level Mario will say "So nice!".
  • He is Luigi's brother.