Beta Elements are things that were originally going to be in the game, but taken out for unknown reasons.

Mega Goomba Edit

The Mega Goomba boss from World 4 was originally a regular level Goomba, however, once in contact with a Super Mushroom will turn into the Mega Goomba. This probably would of had the same effect on other enemies, such as Koopas and Piranha Plants. This was most likely removed because the game would be hard if enemies could Power-Up.

Mario & Luigi Co-op Mode Edit

Originally, along with Mario vs. Luigi, there was going to be a Mario and Luigi Co-op mode. It is unknown why this was removed.

Blue Koopa Troopa Edit

Originally, the Blue Koopa Shell power up was to come from a Blue-Shelled Koopa Troopa. This was removed b
NSMB BetaElements BlueShell

Demonstration how to obtain the Blue Koopa Shell

ecause the designers wanted it to be something that could come out of an item block, however there was a Blue Koopa Troopa in the ice level of Mario vs. Luigi.

Secret Levels Edit

A few levels were in the game that could be played by using a ROM that never made it into the final version.

  • Grasslands Level: A generic World 1-ish level, featuring Goombas and Koopas. Strangely, it doesn't end.
  • Desert Level: A desert level, most likely for World 2, featuring Pokeys.
  • Underwater Level: An underwater stage with a Manta Ray and a Sushi.
  • Spooky Level: A spooky level featuring Goombas and Koopas, most likely intended for World 8. In pictures, Mario is in his Mega state.
  • Castle Level: A castle that looked much brighter then a regular one, featuring 2 Whomps and a Super Whomp. The boss was the Mega Goomba, however instead of summoning platforms with a ? Switch, Platforms would come out when the ? Switch was pressed, which could be jumped on to reach the height required to Ground Pound the Mega Goomba.

Koopalings Edit

The Koopalings, Larry, Roy, Lemmy, Wendy, Iggy, Morton and Ludwig, were originally thought to be in this game by some people, due to someone's answer that they were going to be in the game, this was most likely removed or they could of meant it was Bowser Jr., not the Koopalings. They did, however, appear in the game's sequel, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Punch and KickEdit

At first, you should can kick and punch. However, it was taken out from the final version for unknown reasons.